Our Story

Why we do what we do:

How Himalayan Salt Therapy came to be, We were looking to open a small business that would bring our family together. A purpose we could all agree that would help so many and brig smiles to other families and help them create memories to last a lifetime. At the same time adding value to our family, when I say value, I mean allowing the younger generation in our family to see how far kindness to others goes. To allow them to see the bonds that are created between people who are local or visiting. It was important to us that we could believe in what we brought to the community and we found just that with Himalayan Salt Therapy. Not only did it bring our family together but it brings other families together, it brings friends together. Our goal is to have you leave feeling better in Mind, Body, and Soul.

Get to Know our Staff:

Logan Barrett:

"I'm 17 years old. Most of my time when I'm not working I enjoy, like most kids my age, playing video games and watching TV. I help create the websites you see before you. I'm also very skilled when it comes to technology, so whenever anybody needs help with their computer, phone, etc, I'll be there to help."

Rachel Barrett:

"Hello Everyone, I have a medical background as well as health and wellness. My priority is to make all my clients feel comfortable and special. I am a very outgoing character and enjoy meeting new people. As a hobby I enjoy creating art and done a few freelance projects in our local area"