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Himalayan Salt Therapy

Indulge in the natural healing powers of Himalayan Salt!

Pharmaceutical grade, drug-free, salt is put into machines called Halo Generators. These machines heat, grind, and then disperse tiny salt particles into an enclosed room. These salt particles enter the respiratory system and start to break down mucous and pollutant build-up. Breathing in this air rids the lungs of bacteria and toxins allowing your airways to expand to help ease your breathing. More oxygen entering the blood stream allows for more cell regeneration and overall wellness.

How does salt therapy work?

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Salt Therapy Room

Book one of our two salt rooms. You will be comforted with massage chair while you enjoy the healing powers of salt therapy! 45 Min $35


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Ionic Foot Detox

Allow the toxins to leave your body while treating yourself to the comforts of a massage.


Get a Massage by our Wonderful Massage Therapist Ryan Ocean

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