Which Salt Lamp Do I need?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hey, Himalayan Salt Therapy here! Today let's chat about salt lamps. A salt lamp is more than just a pretty object to sit on a shelf. The Salt lamp is a LED lamp product created by Philippine siblings Aisa and Raphael Mijeno. The lamp is powered by the galvanic reaction of an anode with saline water. The saltwater serves not as the power source but as the electrolyte that facilitates the current flow within the metal-air battery. The benefits are endless! So each salt lamp is going to purify the air. Although there are different color lamps that are good for numerous things.

The most common salt lamp is going to be the pink salt lamp, which you can find almost everywhere. So pink is good for love and emotion. This is often kept in the bedroom, but I have them in the living room at home (so put them wherever you would like to).

The red salt lamp is going to be good for heart and blood circulation. As well as air circulation. This one can be kept anywhere you would like. I have mine in the bedroom.

Grey lamps are good for stress and anxiety. I have had this lamp for a while. It really does help. I have mine in the bedroom lol. These can be placed anywhere you would like.

White salt lamps are my favorite. These lamps are good for detoxification and purification. These can be placed anywhere. All of the lamps are good, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve with getting a lamp.

Some tips for having a salt lamp. They can be used in any room. I would not recommend having it in the bathroom if there is a tub around. The reason

being is they absorb moisture and you just wouldn't want to have it near water in the bathroom.

Plus I know a great place that has a ton…… Come to Himalayan Salt Therapy and grab yours today!

Every lamp comes with a cord and 2 bulbs.

Our lamp of the week this week is the DOVE. Come in and grab yours today! See you soon!

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