Ready to shed that Quarantine 15?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hey Himalayan Salt Therapy here of course, who else would it be? I know personally I had the quarantine 15 (if you don’t know what this is allow me to elaborate). This is when we were all stuck in the house and snacks and junk food became our BFF (I know for me at least). I go to the gym and try to eat somewhat healthy but whatever I try I can't get rid of that extra weight.



You may ask, Laykin, what is that? I like to consider it a way to help get the results you want faster with no down time!


We take the fat and freeze it (it’s not uncomfortable actually super relaxing)

I haven’t even told you the best part yet!

Permanent fat loss reductions typically will see ½ inch to 1 inch fat loss (results may very)

So if you are ready to shed that weight let’s set a date (a.k.a a free consultation). There are 85 days left in this year, do it for you! Let us help you build that confidence back up! I personally get this treatment done and love it! I can tell such a difference!

I have a special offer for my blog readers you might need to find a chair and sit down because this offer will never get better than this!!!

Listen up this will not last long so when I tell you RUN I MEAN IT.

Per minute! $3 is an unheard of deal!!

Call today and schedule your appointment! We also have package deals we can discuss when you come in!

See you on the inside and remember we are getting Fall Time Fine using laying on our behind (will you get the treatment done of course)!

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