Is your skin feeling congested, clogged, or dull?

Let's get you in for an exfoliating facial done by Rachel or Alexis, our Estheticians. We offer Three different types of deeper exfoliation when it comes to our facials. Diamond Dermabrasion, Crystal Dermabrasion, and our signature Hydrofacial. Let's get you feeling confident in your skin for summer.

Diamond Dermabrasion is one of the less penetrative treatments. It is great for fine lines, overall pigmentation, and congested pores. This treatment is great for all skin types. An overall nice clean of the skin that removes all the dead skin cell buildup. During this service you will receive a nice cleanse, the Diamond Dermabrasion, and a relaxing facial massage. Your skin will be feeling vibrant and brand new after this treatment! Enjoy 45 minutes of a nice deep clean and relaxing skin treatment.

Don't forget to check back next Friday for more!

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