Introducing the iTovi Scanner and what it means for you

First let’s begin with what are essential oils.

Have you ever smelled the crisp, refreshing scent of a fresh cut lemon? If so, you may have already experienced the power of essential oils and not even know it. Lemon essential oil is refreshing and uplifting and is also soothing to superficial burns. So in addition to affecting mood it has physical therapeutic effects.

Essential oils are responsible for the fragrances you smell. They’re also the nutritional compounds inside many plants and herbs. And once extracted from the plant or herb, they bring many of the same health-giving benefits to the table. One reason they’re so powerful is because they’re the “essence” of the real plant or herb, only in a highly concentrated form. In fact, one small, 15mL bottle of lemon essential oil can contain up to 45 lemons!

In short, essential oils are often referred to as the “life blood” of plants and trees. They are the concentrated oils of herbs, plants and trees, including the bark, stems, flowers and other parts.

Now what is the iTOVi?

The iTOVi scanner is a unique device that helps you determine which products (i.e. essential oils and/or supplements your body has a strong response to through galvanic skin response. Now, what does that mean? Basically, iTOVi can list products that your body responded to during the scan. It allows you to personalize your wellness because everybody is different!

How does it work?

Each scan takes less than 90 seconds! During a scan, the device uses galvanic skin response/GSR by measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin and identifying the most pronounced changes.

What is a scan report?

Once the scan is complete, the iTOVi App will show the oils or supplements to which your body had the strongest reaction. The iTOVi isn’t saying the product is necessarily beneficial just what your body reacted too.

As an example, a common question we get is “How does iTOVi know which products I need?” First, iTOVi doesn’t measure which products you need, just your reaction to them. Second, iTOVi doesn’t know; it only displays how your body reacted to the product’s frequencies and signals. It does not read body’s frequencies and it does not show what you are deficient in.

We don’t claim to know all the reasons why a person’s body would react a certain way to a product stimulus. If we went down that road, we would inevitably start making diagnostic claims. What we do know is that when people use products that they have a strong reaction to, they tend to feel good and experience an increase in their mood.

After an iTOVi scan, the results show that your body had a favorable, strong, good or positive reaction to the products

What’s next?

By using the Young Living App available on our website, you can order the oil or supplements to which your body had the highest reaction. The order will take approximately one week to arrive at your house. Then you can schedule your Detox Spa package at Himalayan Salt Therapy Spa and bring your two essential oils that you most reacted too for your essential oil detox, spinal detox massage and make your own essential oil roller for your specific needs.

Key Points

The iTOVi scanner is a non-diagnostic device that shows you which essential oils and supplements your body has the strongest response to at the time of the scan.The iTOVi scanner combines temperature, pressure sensor, and Bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations.Using the recommended products displayed on your scan report may be beneficial for your overall wellness.iTOVi is a reaction-tracking device. iTOVi does not diagnose your body in any way; rather, it displays what products to which your body has the strongest reaction.