Health and Wellness

Here at Himalayan Salt Therapy Spa we are focused on healthy living and doing things naturally. On September 21 at 11 and 2 we are conducting classes about natural methods of keeping oneself healthy especially during cold and flu season.

Himalayan salt:



*contains 84 minerals and elements needed for healthy body

While relaxing in the salt room and breathing in the superfine salt particles, the salt attaches itself to any mucus in the respiratory tract making, thinning it out therefore making it easier to expel. The anti-bacterial qualities neutralize the toxic properties of any infectious agents in the tract. One session is not enough to build up the immune system or deal with existing problems therefore memberships and series are available for purchase.

Massage Therapy although contraindicated while one is sick is a wonderful way to help strengthen the immune system by:

*lowering cortisol levels (they cause inflammation if chronically high)

*providing opportunity for relaxation

*releasing the feel-good neurotransmitters of oxytocin and endorphins

Series are available for purchase. You can also sign up to participate in Infant massage classes to learn to help the little family members too.

Our Triple Foot Detox helps the body detox and strengthens the immune system. The Ionic foot detox helps to remove toxins from the body including pathogens. We have had two staff members become completely well within 36 hours of doing the ionic foot detox. The essential oil detox in the massaging tub is so relaxing. Added to the water is Thieves Essential Oil. To learn about Thieves, see last week’s post. This activity allows one to relax and the Thieves boosts the immune system. The third detox is the Salt Dome. It puts heat into one’s system at Kidney point 1 which is an important point to the body balancing many different disorders.

The Infra-Red Salt Sauna allows the body to detox at lower temperatures making it more tolerable for some. Detoxing the body helps the body rid itself of toxins and strengthens its immune system. Again, since one session is not enough to affect immune response series and memberships are available for purchase.

To learn more about preventing colds and influenza come to our make and take on September 21. Salt room will be half off and Triple Foot Detox will be $5 off with purchase of class ticket.