First Responders, Salt Therapy and More

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Why Himalayan Salt Therapy Spa is Beneficial for Military Personal and First Responders

Workplace stress is a well-documented phenomenon. While we cannot fix that part of the job for you, we can offer you ways to help yourself.

Salt Room

This just needs to be experienced. Shoes are left outside the room and you walk on a floor covered with Himalayan Pink Salt. Digging your feet into the salt is like digging them into the sand without the mess. You sit in a massage chair that can be heated and offers massage, blankets are provided as well as heated salt pillows if you would like to place on any achy joints or muscles. If you are able to stay awake, your eyes will be delighted by the projection of the setting sun upon the beach while listening to the relaxing sounds of the waves crashing upon the shore. In addition to the deep relaxation, salt therapy utilized in this manner also has been shown in many studies in Europe to detoxify the respiratory system. This relaxing experience is offered as a 20 or 45-minute experience. Please book through the home page.

Massage Therapy

Massage helps the body release the tensions of the day. The adrenaline rushes of responding to emergencies and needing to be on alert for so much your day takes a toll on the body and the muscles can sometimes forget how to relax creating aches and pains. I (Makayla) first learned to work on the body at a martial school where they practiced very intensely. Practice caused injuries. In the higher levels of the martial arts practitioners were also considered doctors of the martial sciences. This training greatly enhanced my massage therapy skills. Please check the website for the wide variety of massages we offer. For those of you who have a chronic condition there is a special package available.

Foot Detox

We offer three varieties and a package deal. The various detox methods are designed to remove toxins from the cells allowing the individual cells to function at optimal level reducing the frequency of illness and enhancing performance. These also may be booked through the home page.

It is our honor and privilege to serve you.

Thank you from the Staff of Himalayan Salt Therapy Spa

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