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Updated: Jul 7, 2019


Salt therapy can dramatically aide athletes in gaining an edge over their competitors and enhance individual performance by improving lung function, increasing lung capacity and reducing recovery time.

Respiratory Conditions that Affect an Athletes Performance

· Airflow Obstruction

· Airborne Allergens/Allergies

· Respiratory Illness

· Asthma

· Airway Inflammation

Poor Breathing Patterns Can Cause

· Dehydration

· Reduced Stamina and Performance

· Cramps or Injury

· Increased Recovery Time

· Increased Respiratory Rate

How Dry Salt Therapy Can Benefit Athletes

· Dissolves mucus from respiratory airways creating greater airflow

· Provides anti-inflammatory and bacterial effects throughout respiratory tract

· Improved lung capacity improves oxygenation and red blood cells resulting in positive effect on endurance and performance

Sitting in either of our salt rooms provides a relaxing environment to help an athlete recover.

A consistent regimen is recommended for best results. Series or packages are available for purchase on www.SaltMB.com home page.

Here at Himalayan Salt Therapy we have even more to offer our athletes including ionic foot detox which may help remove excess lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles allowing them to recover faster. We also other a wide range of massages to help prevent injury and keep muscles long and supple. Packages are available to partake in all we have to offer. Booking can be accomplished through our home page or by calling 843-444-9095.

Stay strong and healthy

Himalayan Salt Therapy nor its employees offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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