Caring for Your Salt Lamp

Congratulations on you purchase of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Here are some tips for years of enjoyment

1. Do not place your salt lamp in an area with naturally high moisture levels (the bathroom, the laundry, the basement or attic, or kitchen). In these environments your lamps will collect excessive moisture and start melting or weeping. This will lead to damage of the lamp, the base and the cord and bulb fitting as well.

2. Do not leave your lamp exposed to the elements for extended periods, this includes outdoors areas, patios, lawns, open shed’s or next to open windows or doors.

3. Do not wash your lamp directly with water, never wash your lamp with running water or submerge in water. This is a pretty obvious one but just in case someone missed it we need to say it. Your lamp is made of salt; salt dissolves in water.

4. Do not place your lamps directly on glass, wooden or leather surfaces as they will scratch the surface, always place on a placemat.

5. Keep your lamp on! The number one tip for keeping your salt lamps from melting or weeping is to keep your lamp on for at least 16 hours a day, every day. Keeping it on 24/7 would be even better! Keeping your lamp on keeps the salt block warm and evaporates any excess moisture.

6. If the salt lamp does weep, take a dry lint-free cloth and gently pat the surface of the lamp until it’s dry. The salt lamp surface is rough so If you wipe instead of pat and use a cloth with lint or a paper towel it will scrape off onto the lamp and possible break of tiny bits of the salt lamp rock as well, so avoid doing that.

How to Clean Your Salt Lamp

In case your lamps become dirty for whatever reason, don’t worry there is a simple fix.

1. Take a clean cloth and damped with water. Make sure the lamp is off before proceeding.

2. Wring the water out of the cloth as much as you can, making sure it’s damp but not wet.

3. With the damp cloth brush off the dust from the lamp, do not scrub.

4. For tougher pieces of dirt, you may have to use more force and scour the surface vigorously. Do not use metallic utensils to scratch the lamp surface, as it will cause damage. Fine sandpaper used by hand is also an option to use.

5. Once cleaned, use a clean dry cloth to pat it dry.

6. Turn the lamp on again to let the remaining moisture evaporate.

Your Lamp is Flickering or Blown, Now What?

The lamp is on, and everything looks great, except, suddenly it starts to flicker, and before you know it the lamp just completely turns off. This can happen for two reasons:

1. The bulb cracked. Inspect the bulb, if it has a smoky white film covering the inside of the bulb, it means that the bulb likely cracked, usually from rough handling of the lamp where the bulb strikes the inside of the lamp.

To avoid this, you need to turn the lamp off before you move it, making sure one hand is placed underneath to prevent shaking of the bulb.

2. The bulb blew. If the bulb has no white film in side but is still blown, check to see if the filament is broken, or shake it and listen for a ringing sound, if you do hear a ringing sound that means the bulb has blown.


1. Turn the lamp off and unplug the cord! Before you do anything in this guide it is essential to make sure that your lamp is switched off AND unplugged form the power cord. 2. Carefully pull out the bulb fixture from the bottom of the lamp. You will need to pinch the metal tabs together.

3. You need to replace the bulb with a replacement bulb of similar wattage see paragraph below.

4. Make sure the blown bulb is left to cool for some time before touching it. 5. Once it’s cool, you can unscrew the bulb and replace it with a new bulb. 6. Place the globe holder with the new bulb back in the lamp.

When replacing a bulb, different size lamps will require different power bulbs, for any mini to small size lamp the 15-watt bulb is perfect. Medium size lamp can use a 25-watt bulb. For large lamps we recommend a 40-watt bulb. All sizes are available on our website or at the store.

If your lamp is frequently blowing, or if your lamp does not light up even with new bulbs, you likely have a faulty cord, to remedy this you will need to get a replacement cord for your lamp. We sell these as well.

What to do If Your Lamp Becomes Wet

If your lamp somehow becomes completely wet, turn it off and unplug it immediately. Remove the cord and bulb from the lamp, and place both the lamp and the cord and bulb in sunlight for several hours until everything is totally dry.

Once dry you can brush the lamp lightly with a dry cloth, to remove the salt crystals that formed from the drying water and then reassemble your lamp for use again.

Long Term Storage of your Lamp

You have decided to put away your salt lamp for some time, it happens, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Don’t just put it in storage along with all you other items because it will collect water and erode over time.

If you are going to store your lamp for an extended period (more than 1 week) then place it in a plastic bag, preferably a seal-able one, so it doesn’t collect any moisture. Then you can have it stored for as long as you need.

Useful Advice

1. Get a dimmer cord We highly recommend that if you get a lamp you get one with a dimmer. Apart from the great benefit of being able to control the light intensity to suit your needs, it makes it so much easier to keep the lamp on 24/7. A dimmed salt lamp is a much better nightlight than a fully lit one. Himalayan Salt Therapy sells dimmer switches.

2. Place tea lights around the base Another way to keep your lamp bas