Great skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment

At Himalayan Salt Therapy, we believe that estheticians are healers of the skin. The objective for Rachel, our Esthetician, is to help our clients look and feel their best and healthiest by providing the necessary knowledge, resources, and treatments to achieve the best results.

For treatments that combat lines and wrinkles or dry skin, eczema, or acne, clients visit Rachel many times, while many clients make appointments to simply enjoy a rejuvenated or refreshed complexion.  

Rachel is qualified in skin health, most commonly through a variety of treatments and activities designed to enhance the appearance, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin on the face and neck, helping clients combat complexion problems.


Rachel offers therapies that are just as much about the mind and spirit as they are about the body here at the Himalayan Salt Therapy. She specializes in offering a luxurious indulgence for customers that allows them to relax and unwind.


"Prepare to get a therapy that is 100% personalized to the needs of your skin with a detailed region by

Skin analysis and mapping of the region, making it one treatment that every time is different! I believe in

Smooth, but efficient, quality products. All products are paraben-free, safe and suitable for

Treating all forms of skin and race. -Rachel